6 Time Rome Was Sacked || Rome History || Fall Of Rome

Due to its great importance the city from Rome was constantly confronted to challenges and attacks today we will see 6 times in which Rome was sacked.
In This Article I Am Share With You History Of Rome

The Gauls, the story of the first looting Rome is full of myths and legends but it probably started when the young city was engulfed in a conflict with a band of Celtic Gaul sled by the warlord breno,

breno and its long shadow threatened in the fourth century before christ to a fledgling roman republic compressed in central Italy and that tried to expand at the expense of his Etruscan, Samnite, Equus,

And rollovers ended during that time dominated by rome that’s why the city of seven hills had tense relationships and even belligerents with your neighbor the north the Gauls settled in the valley of the po that would be called the cisalpine galia and threw their original settlers the Umbria butbreno’s ambition was not satisfied with that territory but seeing the possibility of easy loot decided to invade his neighbor Etruria,

the Etruscans shuffling between the two powers that harassed them decided opt for the lesser evil and ask for help rome help that can be on time however fifth favio one of the envoys from rome provoked the wrath of the Gauls by killing one of their leaders during the negotiations, before this outrage and lack of retaliation for part of the Roman senate breno mounted on anger and decided to lead his armies to Rome itself, on July 18,390 before christ- the two parts are faced along the banks of the Alia River,

The Romans still had they hone the fighting style that would make his legions famous and many of his men scattered to the Gallic army’s first charge, the rest was exterminated leaving breno with a clear path to rome his men they entered the city a few days later and they started with looting while the Gauls wreaked havoc on the rest from the city the surviving Romans strengthened at the top of the hill Capitoline repelled several attacks Gauls but after several months of siege agreed to pay a thousand pounds of gold in exchange for that breno and his army they will leave the city, the Romans rebuilt after the departure of the Gauls but the defeat in him laughed Alia left deep wounds for him rest of Roman history on 18 July was considered a cursed day.

The Visigoths, Rome recovered from the Gallic debacle and flourished for nearly 800 years but the year 410 after cherished in a long fall and unbearable at that time the empire Roman was divided and declining marauding Germanic tribes had started to venture into the kidney and the Danube and one of them a group of Visigoths led by a king named Alaric had already besieged Rome in two different occasions,

In the year 408 the king Goth Alaric blackmailed the emperor honor asking for money and before him fence and evidence that you couldn’t stop the alarming Visigothic attack it retired with a big booty in the summer of 410 the alarmed king grew tired of the emperor did not take it into consideration and put a firm place in Rome with 40,000 Men,

Rome was well Wallenstein walls were built around the year 270 after christ they were about 20 kilometres long but they hardly had any soldiers to defend it, a group of rebel slaves opened the salarian door and they were allowed enter the Alaric city and its hordes they proceeded to burn buildings, assassinate aristocrats and steal it all three days after stripping the city of all your valuables were removed from Rome and disappeared by the via Apia.

The Visigoth looting had been relatively controlled many of the most famous monuments and buildings of Rome were intact and like the goths were Christians they allowed the people take refuge in the basilicas of San Pedro and San Pablo however although the looting of Rome was slight psychologically it was devastating because put an end to the myth of the city impregnable to Rome was still conceived like the capital of the world and the Christianity had made it its seat.

The Vandals, in the second century after Christ the vandals began to face the Roman empire participated in several wars in the Roman border like the Marco man wars of the Danube river that extended from the 160’s after Christ to the 180’s after Christ, in 406 after of Christ they crossed the Rhine river and began to invade Gaul after the current Spain and then the north from Africa capturing current Carthage Tunisia in 439 after Christ,

Generically ed loci vandals converted Carthage in the capital of the kingdom and conquered more Roman territories in the years subsequent its strategic location in the Mediterranean provided an advantage to the vandals who became a formidable naval power,

Desperate the Roman empire recognized to the vandals and signed a treaty that guaranteed that they would leave rome alone but the vandal king were cunning observer of the disintegration of the Roman empire in 455 saw its opportunity when petronius maximum assassinated the emperor Valentine third who had previously promised to his daughter Eurasia to the son of the king vandal genserico like part of a peace treaty,

Generic declared the treaty invalid between the vandals and the romans and marched over the city, the Romans had nopower to stop their advance the army so they sent Pope Leonto negotiate the pontiff persuaded genserico to not to burn the city and change the vandals were allowed to go through the gates of rome without a fight,

Genserico and his band spent the next two weeks gathering all the loot that could carry and even looted the imperial palace and the temple of jupiter optimus highs true to his word here frained from destroying buildings or hurt someone but they claimed some prisoners the main one of they were the daughter of valentiniano the princess eudosia who then married the son Genserico according to his previous treaty.