He allowed Umrah pilgrims to come from abroad

Saudi Arabia announces great good news for Umrah pilgrims, ban lifted Saudi government opens its borders and allows Umrah pilgrims to come from abroad Riyadh (August 8, 2021) Saudi Arabia gives great good news to Umrah pilgrims, the Saudi government Opening borders and from abroad

Umrah allowed pilgrims to come. According to details, Saudi Arabia has allowed Umrah pilgrims to come from abroad. The series will begin on August 9. Initially, 60,000 people will be allowed to perform Umrah every month. According to Saudi media, corona vaccine will be mandatory for those coming for Umrah, while citizens of travel-restricted countries will have to arrive in Saudi Arabia and be quarantined. Saudi Arabia has also allowed cyanobacteria and cyanobacterial vaccinators to come. However, those who install Sino Farm and Sino Week will also have to take a booster dose. Receipt of applications in this regard will be started soon. A statement issued by the Saudi authorities said that a final decision has been taken to allow Umrah. Is. The number of pilgrims will be gradually increased by 60,000 every month, which will be gradually increased to 2 million. It will also be necessary to have a certified certificate of immunization against the global epidemic.