After former Bollywood actresses Zaira Wasim and Sana Khan, another Indian actor and model Saqib Khan left showbiz to follow the straight path of Islam. Young Indian actor and model Saqib Khan followed the path of Islam. He surprised everyone by saying goodbye to the world of showbiz for walking. Saqib Khan hails from Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir and is a lawyer. He gained fame by being selected in MTV’s popular reality show “Roadies Revolution”. He has also acted in Alt Balaji’s web series “Dil Hi To Hai Season 3”.

Saqib Khan posted on Instagram a few days ago quoting showbiz. He wrote, “Hello brothers and sisters! I hope you are all well. In today’s post I want to announce that I am saying goodbye to showbiz. So now in the future I will not do modeling or acting. Saqib added that it is not that I did not have a job or I gave up the effort. On the contrary, I had very good projects, but it was not God’s will. Allah must have thought of something good and better for me, God willing. He is my God, the best of planners. As far as I have seen the struggle in Mumbai, it is very difficult to survey there. But I can proudly say that in a short span of one year, I have gained a very good reputation and fans. But it is for this world and nothing for the Hereafter.

Saqib said, “I used to pray but there was something lacking and that was peace and accountability to Allah.” So now I am completely prostrating before Allah. The peace I was looking for was in front of me in my book (the Qur’an). I thank God so much that He gave me the opportunity to repent and accept me because I see miracles happening in my life. I found great comfort in reading the Holy Qur’an. There is a saying, “A cat that eats 100 mice goes on Hajj” but not everyone’s Hajj is accepted.

At the end of his post, Saqib Khan apologized to all those who had ever hurt him intentionally or unintentionally. At the same time, he said he would remember in prayers. May Allah accept the prayers of all of us and shower His mercy on us. Amen. ” Has said goodbye to the world.