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Everyone is well aware of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan who made Pakistan a nuclear nation. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan says that you know that me and my friends are building a big welfare hospital with 300 beds in Lahore. We had built a high quality OPD there from the very beginning. In three years, we have treated about 380,000 people there for free. There are all kinds of doctors there. There is also a small operating theater. In about a year, we have also done free dialysis for thousands of people. When doctors in Lahore go on strike for some reason and close the OPD, our The hospital is also open 24 hours a day and the OPD is open at all times so that patients can get timely treatment and take medicine.

The construction of this hospital will be completed next year, God willing, and Ali will be provided treatment. Due to the construction of the hospital and other issues, I have to visit the hospital twice a month. A few weeks ago, a very dear friend of mine, Dr. S. Chughtai, invited me to set up a state-of-the-art laboratory. I had dinner and was honored as the chief guest. Unfortunately, my condition worsened and I could not attend as advised by the doctors. I still recorded a short message and sent it to them. Last week I had to go to Lahore again, so I sent a message to Dr. Chughtai that if possible I should inspect his lab so that my previous absence could be remedied. He and his staff were very happy to hear this and we Arrived in Lahore with a 9 o’clock flight and reached this highest level lab directly from the airport. Entering this beautiful 7/8 storey building, it was felt that an entry has been made in a high-rise building in Switzerland. The high quality construction and cleaning was European style. I have lived in Europe for 15 years and visited countless universities and industrial institutes in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the United States, and the fact that I was reminded by seeing the Chughtai Lab

Dr. Chaghati is a very experienced pathologist. He has been a professor at King Edward College and has been the principal of Central Park Medical College. I went there once and it was a very good college. In the year 2000, the branches of this lab were opened in Sargodha and Bahawalpur. In the year 2009, the branches of this lab were opened in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. In 2013, the branches of this lab were opened in Peshawar, Larkana and Sukkur. In 2015, the name of Chughtai Lab Lahore was changed. Changed and now it is called Chughtai Lab. At present this whole lab is running on auto machine. Human hands are safe from touching all the samples etc. It is equipped with very advanced equipment and advanced software. It has the following facilities. There are home-sampling and nursing facilities, home physiotherapy and drip and injection, and X-ray and medicine delivery, ambulance service, home care, librarianship center and foundation. In addition there are facilities for ICU and Ultrasound, ECG and ECO etc. The most important reason is that no patient is returned from here. May Chughtai Bhai keep his colleagues and other friends healthy and strong, happy and safe. May Allah keep Dr. Abdul Qadeer Sahib safe and sound.

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