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Why Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan apologized to the nation

In front of the prompter in the PTV studio sat Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, a Pakistani hero and deity. In front of him was a script on the script that he had to read. But in the last few seconds he refused to read it.

Why did they do that?
What was the last closed door conversation between General Musharraf and Dr AQ Khan?

What did the Americans get from Libya and Iran that they wanted to take Dr. Khan to America anyway. How did this attempt fail?
This is what we are showing you in the Street of Pakistan series. In August 2002, the secret of Iran’s two secret atomic sites, uranium enrichment plants, was revealed.
The secret was leaked by Iran’s exiled opposition. The secret plants were in the two cities of Natanz and Ark. These sites were also verified by a map from Google Earth. Now the world’s leading nuclear technology company, the IAEA, has begun its action. The IAEA is a powerful body with the support of all major countries, including the UN Security Council.

So the agency started demanding an inspection of these two sites from Iran. After a lengthy dialogue, the IAEA was granted an inspection in June 2003. It remains to be seen whether Iran’s nuclear program is really being pursued for peaceful purposes or whether an atomic bomb is being built there.

After driving jeeps in the desert, 300 kilometers from Tehran, Natans came to the place where the secret sites were. The first atomic plant was opened under the scorching heat. There were about 100 centrifuges installed for uranium enrichment, while a total of 1,000 installations were planned because the same number of casing was ready. An expert on the inspection team said that when they saw the design of the Iranian centrifuges, they realized within the first ten seconds that it was the same design that had been developed at Uranco, a uranium enrichment company, in 1907. And Dr. Khan was also working in the same institution in those days. And this scientist was the same in those days.

Remember that this was the same design that Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan allegedly brought from the Netherlands. Since the design was secret, not available in the general market, they asked Iranian scientists how they developed so many sophisticated centrifuges. In response, the hosts said that it was prepared by Iran itself. And for their preparation, all the information that is commonly used, such as the Internet and books, has been used. I mean, this is their genuine design, they didn’t take it from outside. That’s what Iranian scientists say.

But he was saying that, but the irony was that there were experts versus experts. It was technically very difficult to hide anything for too long. So when IAEA experts did a forensic test of the rest of the infrastructure there, there was no facility to make centrifuges.


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