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History Of Ertugrul Gazi
When Osman became the head of the Beylik,he started raiding the Byzantine lands and was able to occupy the Byzantine fortresses of Eskişehir and Kulucahisar. During the first decade of the 14th century,shrewd military tactics enabled Osman to conquer vulnerable but important territories fromthe Byzantine Empire and to accumulate these holdings into his own nascent empire. Hi, I’m Sarim Ashrafi. Welcome to the Dirilis Pk History.

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This is our new series on the History of Ottoman Empire. In every video of this series, we’ll discussevery notable Ottoman Sultan and their efforts and achievements in order to expand the empireover three continents. In the previous video, we took a quick lookon how Ertugral, the father of Osman and his followers established a powerful dominion in Sogut town of Sakarya region.

If you are new here, I recommend you to start watching this series from the very first episode. Now in this Article, we’ll learn about the first Ottoman Sultan Osman the first. The nam e Ottoman empire has been derived from the name of Osman the first who is considered to be founder the empire. Although Osman I became the chief of his dominion of Sogut in 1281, but he declared himself as an independent ruler in 1299 leading tothe foundation of the future global empire.

The accounts on his early activities are scarce. There is no reliable information about hislife because most of the available accounts were written after more than 100 years ofhis death. According to the Ottoman traditions, Osman was the son of Ertugral and the grandson of Suleiman Shah. He was first married to Malhun Hatun, whowas the mother of the next and the second ruler of the Ottoman State, Orhan. Later he married Rabia Bala Hatun, who waste daughter of famous Sufi dervish Sheikh Edebali. Osman had a strong relationship with Sheikh Edebali and always considered him as his master and guide. There is a famous story of Osman’s dream.

Ertugrul Ghazi History

While staying in the Sheikh’s house, he hada dream. When Osman awoke, he went to Edebali and told him: My Sheik, I saw you in my dream. A moon appeared in your breast. It rose, rose and then descended into my breast. From my novel there sprang a tree. It grew up and turned green. It branched out and got complicated. The shadow of its branches covered the whole world. What does my dream mean? When Sheikh heard,

سلطنتِ عثمانیہ کے پہلے فرمانروا سلطان عثمان غازی کے متعلق اردو آرٹیکل کا لنک یہ ہے.
سلطان عثمان غازی

he told Osman;Osman, my son, congratulations, for Allah has given the imperial office to you and your descendants. All the world will be under the protection of you and your sons and my daughter shall be your wife. As soon as Osman declared himself as an independent ruler in the Sakarya region, he came in contact with the settled peasant population of theBithynian countryside.

The group was having hard times because Byzantine rule had imposed heavy taxes and provided inadequate security to the peasant population of Bithynia. This created an opportunity for Osman to establish his interest in the northern part of Bithynia, which threatened the Byzantines. In 1302, to counter this threat,

Androgenic sent a Byzantine force of some 2,000 men to relieve the city of Comedian. At the plain of Cepheus, Osman along with his 5,000 light cavalry under his own command met the Byzantine forces and defeated the min this crucial battle.

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This was the first major victory for the Ottomans,which encouraged them for the future expansions. The Constantinople lost the control of Bithynia,allowing the Ottomans to gradually annex it. The very next year in 1303, Osman I and the Byzantine armies again met in the town of Dimboz in Yenişehir. In this battle of Dimboz,

both the Ottoman sand the Byzantines suffered heavy casualties, but it was Osman who won the battle again. It is said that Bimbo was the first Byzantine town to fall to the Ottomans. The next major expedition of the Ottomans was the siege of Bursa, which they started in 1317.

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This was the first time that the Ottoman were holding a siege of a city, so the lack of expertise and adequate siege equipment was a big challenge for them. As a matter of fact, the siege of Bursa lasted for next 9-10 years and finally the city fell to the Ottomans on April 6, 1326. This was the first and major city capture by the Ottomans.

Osman I died right after the capture of the city and was buried in Bursa afterwards. As per his father’s wish, his son and successor made Bursa the first official Ottoman capital and it remained so until 1366.

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