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The eviction of Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah is a violation of international law, the United Nations

The United Nations has condemned Israel’s deportation of Palestinians from Sheikh Jarrah in occupied Jerusalem, calling it a clear violation of international law, according to a statement issued by the United Nations. The use of force by the occupying state against unarmed Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, the beating and arrest of unarmed protesters is reprehensible and a clear violation of international law.

The statement added that Al-Quds is still part of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Israel’s legal and administrative activities in the Palestinian territories are invalid and in violation of international law.

Dozens of Palestinians have been injured in Israeli airstrikes in the occupied Palestinian city of Jerusalem over the past two days. Al-Quds has turned into a battlefield. Palestinians continue to protest the refusal to evacuate Sheikh Jarrah, while the occupying forces have begun plotting to forcibly evict Palestinians from the area. Orders have been issued.

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