The fifth ruler of the Safavid Empire, Abbas I, who made Isfahan half the world:

Abbas I’s full name is Abbas Mirza. Abbas I was born on January 1, 978 AH / January 27, 1571 AD in Majandaran. Abbas I’s father Muhammad Khuda Banda ruled for 10 years after 995 AH / 1587 AD Abbas I was barely 16 years old at the time. Iran was in a state of instability when Abbas I came to power. There was a threat of an attack by Iran. At that time, Iran was under the influence of various uprisings.

Abbas I overcame all these revolts and revolts. Abbas I became the ruler in 995 AH / 1587 AD. His war with the Turks continued for 3 years. In 1590, he made peace with the Turks. As a result of this treaty, he was satisfied with the north-western direction. The British had brought gifts for Abbas I. Abbas I did not make any agreement with them, but they did enlist the help of the British to strengthen Iran defensively. You had 60,000 guns and 12,000 cannons. Get ready

According to 1007 AH, in 1598 AD, Abbas I defeated the Uzbek tribes in Herat and recaptured Mashhad and Herat from them. These areas had been under Uzbek occupation for 10 years. Those who had confessed their obedience to him, Abbas I appointed him Sardar in Balkh, Moro and Istarabad. 1011 AH / According to 1602 AD, campaigns against the Turks began. During this period Abbas I conquered Tabriz, Yerevan, Kurdistan, Mosul, Diyarbakir, Najaf and Karbala. In 1010 AH, according to 1601 AD, Abbas I annexed Bahrain to Iran. 1021 AH / According to 1612 AD, an agreement was reached between the Ottoman Caliphate and the Safavids, according to which the same borders of Iran were accepted as in the time of the Ottoman Sultan Salim I. In return, Abbas I gave the Ottomans 200 bales of silk. Promised to give annually.

A port in the Persian Gulf, Har Maz, was of great commercial importance.

If the earth were to be considered a ring, then every taste is its jewel. ”

It was occupied by the Portuguese in the early 16th century. The story of this occupation is as follows: In 913 AH / 1507 AD, the Portuguese government sent its naval captain Alfonso to capture Hormuz. At that time, Iran was ruled by King Ismail Safavi. Alfonso took a fleet of 7 warships and left his port of Socotra. He looted all the ports on the way and then reached the port of Hormuz and captured it. 7 years later, the Portuguese government sent Alfonso to be the Viceroy of India. Here the Portuguese occupied. Alfonso built a magnificent fort here. The port of Hormuz was occupied by the Portuguese for 100 years. But when Abbas I came to power, he decided to take back this important port from the fortifications. So he prepared for the attack, According to 1622 AD, after a fierce battle, Abbas was recaptured from the Portuguese by Abbas I and all his ships were destroyed. Hormuz was renamed Cumberon by the Portuguese. Later it was named Abbas after Abbas I. Even today this port is known by the same name.

Abbas I established friendly relations with European countries and India. He had good relations with the Mughal emperors of India, Akbar and Jahangir. He also had friendly relations with the women of Crimea.

Abbas I died in Jamadi-ul-Awal 1038 AH / January 1629 AD at the age of 58 years.