The first electric bike was introduced in Pakistan, what is the price, great news of the people, the waves

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The first electric bike was introduced in Pakistan, what is the price, great news of the people, the waves
Jolta Electric claims that their electric motorcycle will save Rs 4,000 in fuel as compared to a 70cc petrol-powered motorcycle. The Honda 70cc bike can run at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour, but the maximum speed of the Julta electric bike is 60 km / h.
Km per hour. Prime Minister Imran Khan introduced the Jolta e-bike at a function in Islamabad. Jolta Electric Chairman Muhammad Azam said that we have introduced lower level electric bikes, but we have upper level electric bikes. Bikes that will be compared to 150cc bikes and this
There are also plans to introduce three-wheelers (such as electric rickshaws) and electric cars (four-wheelers), he said. Percentage sales tax) has made it possible for us to introduce affordable electric bikes to the general public at this price. National Sales Head Muhammad Sohail Khan told SAMAA Digital that The price is Rs 82,500. He said that he is also selling e-scooters for women, priced at Rs. 150,000, and will soon introduce a bike as opposed to a 125cc motorcycle.According to company officials, the range of Jolta’s e-bikes will be between 80 km and 100 km, depending on the speed and road conditions. The batteries have a three-month warranty and will last an average of 2 years. According to the current price, these batteries can be exchanged for Rs 20,000. Sohail Khan said that the company currently has the capacity to make 6,000 e-bikes which will be increased to 10,000 units in the next few months, the ride of this bike is complete. It is environmentally friendly and will not cause noise pollution while saving people on fuel. Expenses have been observed, the average person spends about Rs 4,000 per month on 70 cc bikes in terms of fuel and maintenance, however, the maintenance cost of e-bikes will be very low. One unit of electricity supplied by companies like Electric will be charged. The price of a unit of electricity is between Rs. 17 to 25. Sohail Khan said that a person will get about 80 to 100 km mileage for a maximum of Rs. Yes, electric bikes have different aerodynamics according to the requirements of light and electric motor. He raised the question as to what purpose the fuel tank will be in these electric bikes in Pakistan. However, Sohail Khan of Julta Electric said that a normal shape like 70 cc is acceptable for people in Pakistan. “I think it’s a bike with a fuel tank,” he explained. We believe that the traditional form of motorcycle is acceptable to them