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History Of Suleymaniye Mosque
Suleymaniye Mosque || Tombs Of Istanbul ” The Ottoman Empire
Istanbul is a city which is home to more than 2,500 mosques all around the city and this is why in today’s article we would like to show you one of the most beautiful and stunning mosques all around the city.

Full History Of Suleymaniye Mosque
This place is located in one of the seven hills of Istanbul and we can basically see it from many points of the city, it’s name is Suleymaniye mosque. At the same time we would like to show you those tombs of those important characters during the Ottoman empire such as Suleiman the Magnificent, Hurrem Sultan and Mimar Sinan. Going to the Suleymaniye mosque from the most touristic areas such as Sultanahmet is easy and fast.Just take the tram in Sultanahmet or any nearby areas toward Bağcılar direction and get off in Beyazıt (Grand Bazaar) tram station From there we must walk about ten more minutes to reach it passing the Istanbul University.

Once you start you walk towards the mosque from Beyazıt, you’ll see many interesting and old streets andbuildings and if you have some extra time to spend in the area is a goodopportunity for discovering new spots. It’s construction started in 1550 and ended in 1557 by Mimar Sinan under the orders of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. This mosque is considered the masterpiece of Mimar Sinan since he thought in everysingle detail when designing the mosque. The four minarets represent the four Sultans who took the throne after the conquest of Constantinople and the ten balconies on the minarets referred to Suleiman’s being the 10th Ottoman Sultan.

The Hostory Of Ottoman Empire
Natural lighting is provided through 32 windows and it’s acoustic is amazing since sounds can be heard from every corner. Just next to the mosque we’ll find the tombs of Suleiman the Magnificent and Sultan Hurrem. Hurrem was one of the most powerful women during the Ottoman Empire with her intelligence and seduction shebecame the Sultan’s favorite in a short time and she also changed the history of the Empire.She passed away in 1558. Her death is still a mystery since some historians say she had cancer but others say she was poisoned.
Suleiman the Magnificent was the most known and prestigious Sultan during the Ottoman Empire.
He was a 10th Sultan of the Empire from 1520 until his death in 1566 in Hungary during a battle. His body was taken to Constantinople but his heart and organs were buried where he died. This is the modest tomb of one of the greatest figures of architecture of the Ottoman Empire, Sinan the Architect or Mimar Sinan who designed a Suleymaniye Mosque among many others. This place has some of the most stunning views in the whole city. Once you walk through its gardens, you’ll face towards the Golden Horn, the Galata Tower and the Bosphorus.

Suleymaniye Mosque History

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As well we recommend eating “Kuru Fasulye” at any of these restaurants next to the mosque. This is another Turkish dish which is made of beans. This area is also good for having breakfast or tea at any of its restaurants which offer good views from their rooftops This is what a turkish breakfast usually looks like.As you can see it is very complete. We have different things. Most of the time they will put mostly different type of cheese and some honey and then some vegetables. All the time they will put some cucumber and tomato and also we will have some other things such as chocolate some nutella, jelly, different type of fruits and also this one, a different type of egg.
History Of Suleymaniye Mosque

This one is called “Menemen” here in Turkey and this one is very famous so usually they will serve it along with your breakfast Usually the turkish breakfast will have a different things.It all depends on what restaurant you are eating at In this case the basic stuff are the cheese, cucumber, tomato, some jellies and the Menemen or another type of eggs. As well we recommend you after visiting
Suleymaniye Mosque. around this area you will find many great restaurants with amazing views and as we show you here in some other part of the article, you will have views from the Suleymaniye Mosque but as well from the Bosphorus and even the asian side of Istanbul.

“Final Words”

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