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Today i am showing here the complete History of Nurbanu Sultan.
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Nurbanu Sultan was one the most powerful figures in the Ottoman Empire. She was the favorite concubine and eventual wife of Selim II, and mother of Sultan Murad III. Nurbanu Sultan was one of the great queens of ottoman history. Her compassion for the poor in the Ottoman Empire drove her to be a philanthropist of great renown.

Nurbanu Sultan History :
Her background is quite unclear, like every woman in the harem. Some argued that she belonged to Jewish family. According to some other historians, she was born on 1525 in Paros, an island of current Greece at Nicolo Vanier House who was a duke. At that time Paros was controlled by Venice. The Nurbanu, herself, would often say she was of Venetian patrician descent. She was captured by Ottoman admiral Hayreddin Barbarossa in a battle and was sent to Istanbul as a gift. She was only 12 years old at that time. It wasn’t easy for her to go from a noblewoman to a slave. Before embracing Islam, her previous name was Cecelia Venier Baffo While according to some other historians her name was Rachel.

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She caught the eye of Hurrem Sultan and was able to impress her with her intelligence. Due to her praiseworthy morals and manners, Hurrem Sultan gave her the name “Afife Nurbanu”. Very soon, she became one of the concubines for Prince Selim and was sent Manisa. She was beautiful and intelligent and captured Prince Selim’s eye. Nurbanu gave birth to 4 daughters and 1 son of Prince Selim. During her time in the Prince’s harem in Manisa, Nurbanu maintained good relationship with Hurrem Sultan. Nurbanu had been the head of his princely harem at Manisa. However, when Selim ascended to the throne, as Hurrem sultan already had died, the position of head of the imperial harem, was granted to Selim’s elder sister Mihrimah Sultan. But due to her intelligence, Sultan Selim appointed her as his advisor. He used to take her advice in government affairs.

Who Is Sultan Nurbanu
As Sultan Selim loved her too much, shortly before his death, he married Nurbanu, and she became his queen. When Selim died in 1574,his son Murad was in Mansia serving as governor. At that time, Nurbanu hide the news of Selim’s death until his son arrived in Istanbul. Due to this act Murad III became next Sultan. For this reason, Murad greatly respected and relied on his mother. Like his father, Murad also used to take her (Nurbanu) advice in government affairs. Nurbanu became Valide Sultan (queen mother) and the most powerful woman in the Ottoman Empire. As queen mother, Nurbanu was a shrewd diplomat.

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She not only protected her Ottoman subjects, but she also rescued slaves and protected Jewish merchants. She maintained good relationships with Venice and France. She invited French Queen Catherine to send an embassy to Istanbul to maintain their relationship and renewed French trading privileges within the empire It is said that during her nine years of regency (1574–1583), her politics were so pro-Venetian that she was hated by the Republic of Genoa. Some have even suggested that she was poisoned by a Genoese agent. According to some historian she played a vital role in keeping peace with Venice.

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Nurbanu was also known for her charitable works. She built mosques, schools, bathhouses, and soup kitchens. The most important ones are the Atik Valide Mosque complex which was built in Istanbul. The complex was composed of a mosque, a madrasah, a dervish lodge, a primary school, a soup kitchen for poor, a caravansary, printing house, a school for Quran reciters, a Turkish Bath and a hospital. Nurbanu also became the first woman to establish libraries within the capital of Istanbul. Nurbanu died at the age of 58 in Istanbul on December 7, 1583. She was buried next to Selim II in his mausoleum in the courtyard of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul thus becoming the first wife of a Sultan to receive the honor of being laid to rest next to her spouse.
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