Who Was Orhan Ghazi | The Ottoman Empire

Who Was Orhan Ghazi | The Ottoman Empire

History Of Orhan Gazi In English || History Of Ottoman Empire
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Who Was Orhan Gazi
Orhan became the Bey of his nascent empire that was started by his father Osman I, after the capture of the city of Bursa in 1326 AD. After losing Bythinian countryside and the city of Bursa to the Ottomans, the Byzantines launched a number of wars to recover lost fortresses and cities.
سلطنتِ عثمانیہ کے دوسرے فرمانروا اورخان غازی کے متعلق اردو آرٹیکل کا لنک یہ ہے.
سلطان اورخان غازی
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This is our new series on the History of Ottoman Empire. In every Article of this series, we’ll discuss every notable Ottoman Sultan and their efforts and achievements in order to expand their empire over three continents. In the previous Article , we discussed the battles that Osman I fought and captured the major of city of Bursa. If you are new here, I recommend you to start watching this series from the very first episode.

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Orhan was the son of the daughter of Sheikh Edebali. In previous Article we mentioned that Orhan was the son of Malhun. But there are different accounts on who actually was the daughter of Sheikh Edebali. Most of the sources confirm that Rabia Bala Hatun was the daughter of Edebali. Orhan was a fair, forgiving and religious ruler.

He admired theologians and Sufi dervishes lot. In a very short time, he was loved by allot his people he ruled. After the death of his father, there was an issue of succession that he had to deal with his step brother.

Orhan offered his brother Alauddin to divide the empire into 2 parts avoiding any major conflicts. Alauddin denied his offer and insisted Orhan to succeed their father. At this,

Orhan asked him to be his Vizier in order to help him solve the diplomatic state issues. This was the first time the post of Grand Vizier came into existence and later, the same grand viziers played a huge role in the entire history of Ottoman Empire. After Orhan became the bey,

he started his campaign to annex the northwestern side of Anatolia. He first of all in 1328 AD began the siege of Nicaea. Threatened by this siege, the Byzantine perorations III himself led an army against Orhan in order to break the siege.

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This was also a restoration campaign launched by the Byzantines in order to retrieve the cities they had lost to Osman previously. As Orhan was holding the siege of the city,the Byzantine emperor distracted him from holding the siege. Finally they ended up fighting a battle in Pelekanon, near Comedian.

The Byzantines lost the battle, but there was also no city capture for the Ottomans yet. After being defeated in this battle, the Byzantines never attempted to regain the territories lost in Anatolia in future. They also cut their supplies of troops and everything,

which created a golden opportunity for Orhan to continue the siege. Without any imperial force and support, the important city of Nicaea finally fell to the Ottomans in 1331 AD.

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After 2 years in 1333 AD, Orhan now began the siege of the city of Comedian. Meanwhile, on the eastern side of the Ottoman Beylik, the Erectness succeeded Mongol Italianate in 1335 in Anatolia. Taking advantage of the weakness of Erectness,in the same year, Orhan managed to capture some more land including modern day Ankara.

The city of Comedian could not hold the siege any longer and finally in 1337 AD fell to the Ottomans. This was a huge conquest for the Ottomans,which almost ended the Byzantine stronghold in Anatolia. After losing Nicomedia,
History Of Orhan Gazi In English

Byzantines had a very little land, including the capital city of Constantinople. There was another rising Beylik in the southwest region of Anatolia known as the Karats. Berrylike of Karats was going through a civil war on the issue of succession. To establish the peace and order, Orhan annexed them to his empire in 1345 AD. This acquisition of Karasids opened theirgates to enter European lands. Orhan was waiting for an opportunity to enter European lands and that opportunity came to Orhan in no times. Another civil war started among Byzantinesin 1352,

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as Matthew Kantakouzenos, the son of John VI Kantakouzenos was attacked by JohnV in 1352 in order to take absolute control of the power. As a result the Battle of Demotivate near Thracetook place in 1352 AD. John V had the support of Serbia, while Kantakouzenos asked Orhan for help. Orhan provided around 10,000 horsemen to Kantakouzenos,which enabled him secure the victory against John V. This was the first battle fought by the Ottomans on European soil. In return to this help, Kantakouzenos allowed Ottomans to enter the city in order to establish trade and community. Previously in 1346,

History Of Orhan Gazi In English,
Cantankerous also married his daughter Theodora to Orhan in order to form an alliance with the rising Ottoman power. In 1354, there was a massive earthquake in Galli poli peninsula, which had devastated the city, causing the Greek inhabitants to evacuate it. Within a month, Suleiman Pasha, the eldest son of Orhan, seized the city and thus Galli poli became the first Ottoman stronghold in Europe. However,

Ottomans later founded multi-religious and multi-cultural societies without any discrimination on the ground of religion or race. With the conquest of Gallipoli, Europe was now open for the Ottoman conquests. The very next year, the Ottomans marched towards the city of Sofia in modern-day Bulgaria.

As a result, they came in contact with Bulgarians near Ahriman and the battle of Ihtiman took place in 1355 AD.

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The Bulgarians suffered heavy casualties but they managed to win the battle stopping Ottomans from entering the city of Sofia. This was the last major campaign led by Orhan during his lifetime.

He died in 1362 leaving behind a dominion that he changed from a nomadic border principality to a real state with a capital, boundaries,army and settled population. He was the first Ottoman Sultan who hired the soldiers on a fixed salaries. He also married to Holofira in 1299,

who was Christian but embraced Islam and was known as Nilufer Hatun afterwards. She gave birth to Murad I, who would become-the next Sultan of the empire