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When Did The Ottoman Empire End || Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Empire was the largest and the last of the Islamic Empires, At its peak it stretched from North Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, The Caucasus and the Balkans all the way to the gates of Vienna. It was by far the largest Empire of its time and it was ahead of its competition in terms of Science,Production, Military and Culture.

Reasons For Decline Of Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Society was unique in its fall and nothing similar has ever been seen in history again.The closest resemblance would be the United States,

The Ottomans were a multicultural society and they didn’t decline because of some clash of civilizations Terms such as these are popular but not necessarily accurate.

After all a major part of the Ottoman army was made up of Christians and Jews, the other half being Muslims.

Ottoman Empire History

It was in every sense a multicultural army with a central authority the ottoman empire didn’t go down in flames Fighting and there was no single major catastrophic event that triggered the ultimate decline.

But a great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within Those were the words of the American historian Will Durant Before the Turkish Empire collapsed from the outside it was already for centuries collapsing from the inside.

Most people will tell you that two military defeats,led to the decline of the Ottomans, one was the battle of Le panto in 1571 the other being the battle of Vienna in 1683.

In the Le panto Naval engagement the vast majority of the Ottoman fleet was destroyed But within a year the Ottomans replaced their entire fleet with more modern ships and an even bigger fleet, However the Ottomans had lost their most experienced sailors and commanders in the battle and this reduced the effectiveness of the Ottoman Navy.

Fall of the Ottoman Empire
The other Major defeat came in 1683 at The Battle of Vienna This wasn’t the first time the Turks had tried to take Vienna in 1529.

The Turkish Sultan Suleiman the magnificent began the siege too late in the season and decided to withdraw, He figured that he would return to Conquer Vienna the next year, But there was never a next time Suleiman got distracted with other affairs, now conquering Vienna was part of the national interest of the Ottoman Empire because Vienna was the limit of Ottoman logistical capability and Conquering the city would have allowed them a fresh new logistical point.

It was sort of like conquering a new Cairo or Istanbul, these kind of major cities Provided a new logistical point and allowed further Expansions, but the Ottomans didn’t prioritize their objectives well enough as they were continuously Distracted with other affairs at the time the Ottomans were certain.

They would eventually take the city because they had the strongest army in the world So they weren’t in a hurry.
when did the ottoman empire end

By 1683 the Ottomans figured it was time and they tried to take Vienna again But this time the battle was a defeat and the Ottoman army was routed, the Turks had missed their opportunity. That is how most people see it and these defeats certainly played a role but they weren’t the decisive factors that eventually led to the decline of the empire.
The process that turned the mighty Ottoman empire into the sick. man of Europe Was very gradual and so slow that during the time nobody noticed it? it starts with Venetian traders who in the 15th century went back and Forth buying Ottoman raw materials like metal Lumber oil, meat Etc

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