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Sultan Jalal-u-din Khwarzam Shah / Sultan Jalal-u-din Khwarzam Shah Fight Against Mongol Genghiz Khan

who was the last wall in the way of the Mongols was broken by the Muslims him selves But the Caliph of Baghdad and the Seljuks were unaware of their fate. They had torn down the last wall between the Mongols and themselves. It is a very old habit of Muslim rulers to see another Muslim country being destroyed and to wait for their own destruction Friends, today’s article is about a brave man of history who is known to the world as Lion of Khwarizm Sultan Jalaluddin Khwarizm Shah. Who disturbed Genghis Khan with his attacks on mongols army Genghis Khan said these words about Sher Khwarizm: Blessed are the father whose son is like Jalaluddin and blessed are the mothers who raise such lions. If I had a son like Jalaluddin, I would have conquered the whole world.

Jalâl ad-Dîn was the last ruler of the Khwarezmian Empire. His date of birth is stated to be 1199 CE. He was the eldest son of Ala ad-Din Muhammad II. History describes Ala ad-Din Muhammad II as a proud and quick-witted person, While his son Jalaluddin was a very intelligent and brave man.
Friends, it was Ala ad-Din Muhammad II who was blamed for the Mongol attack on the Muslims Because he assassinated three ambassadors of Genghis Khan against the advice of his son After which Genghis Khan left the Chinese campaign and invaded Khwarizm, and his descendants overthrew the Seljuk Empire and the Abbasid Caliphate.

However friends, in 1219 CE, Genghis Khan attacked Khwarizm with all his might, Jalaluddin wanted to go ahead and fight with Genghis Khan army, but his father did not agree, Ala ad-Din Muhammad II thought that the Genghis Khan’s army should be weakened by fighting the Samarkand and Bukhara armies, after which we would attack and eliminate them. But this strategy failed miserably because Genghiz Khan wreaked havoc as soon as he entered Kharazm, Genghis Khan invaded and destroyed Samarkand and built a tower of skulls. The same thing happened with Bukhara. After this, the Genghis Khan army marched towards kheva city. As soon as news of the attack on kheva was received, Khwarizm Shah Ala ad-Din II fled the city and took refuge in a deserted island. It is said that he died of the disease. While Genghis Khan destroyed kheva city, there was nothing left in the city except fire, blood and corpses. After the death of Ala ad-Din Muhammad II, his son Jalaluddin became sultan. Jalaluddin was heartbroken by the defeat of kheva. Jalaluddin gathered an army and started attacking the Mongols. He reached Afghanistan while attacking. In Afghanistan, he formed an army of Tajik and Khwarazmi tribes. I would like to point out here that this is almost the same period when Salman Shah , the father of Ertughal Ghazi, was migrating from Khwarizm to Anatolia.

there was a battle between Jalaluddin and the Mongol army in Afghanistan in which Jalaluddin defeated the Mongol army. This was the first and last defeat of Genghis Khan’s army. This defeat surprised Genghis Khan and he himself went out in pursuit of Jalaluddin with a long army. Jalaluddin was preparing to fight the Genghiz khan army, but unfortunately a dispute arose between his father-in-law and the Tajik chief, and the Tajik soldiers left him. There was a battle in which the number of Genghis Khan’s soldiers was 300,000 while Jalaluddin had only 30,000 soldiers. Jalaluddin was defeated and had to flee to India. Genghis Khan also entered India in pursuit of Jalaluddin. Jalaluddin was surrounded by Genghis Khan’s army on the banks of the Indus river near Attock. Jalaluddin was standing on a hill in front of which was the Genghiz army while behind him were the strong waves of the Indus river But instead of being captured by Genghis Khan, this brave man jumped into the Indus River. Genghis Khan, who was still standing and smiling at Jalaluddin, his smile would suddenly turn into trouble. Jalaluddin crossed the river safely, looked at Genghis Khan sarcastically and moved on. Genghis Khan’s generals asked permission to cross the river but Genghis Khan did not allow them due to the flooding of the river.

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