Sultan Mehmet 1 Chalabi

Sultan Mehmet 1 Chalabi

Sultan Mehmet 1 Chalabi || 5th Ruler Of Ottoman Empire
Hi Friends today we’re going to tell you about the great man who reunited this fragmented Ottoman Empire. We told you that after the defeat in the battle of Ankara, Bayazid I was imprisoned in a cage by Timur Ling and humiliated. And sadly, Bayazid’s sons fought among themselves for ten years to seize the remnants of the empire. But then,

The man came to power who ended the civil war and once again led this great empire to fulfill the historic dream of his ancestor. This person’s name was Sultan Muhammad I and history remembers him as Muhammad Chalabi. In today’s article, we will tell you about them.

According to 1389 or some traditions, Sultan Muhammad I was born in Bursa in 1387. His father was Bayazid I and his mother was Daulat Khatun. Sultan Muhammad I, who was of medium height, round face, raised eyebrows, white complexion, red cheeks, broad chest, strong body and agility, was blessed by Allah with great courage and bravery. He was a very good wrestler and it was a sign of his physical strength that he could pull the strings of many bows at once. During his reign, he took part in 24 wars and suffered about forty wounds.

After the defeat of Timur Ling, the Ottoman Empire entered a difficult period. For the next 20 years, the Ottoman Empire suffered severe devastation from the civil war. Dr. Akanje writes that the four sons of Bayazid I had thousands of supporters of their own and they fought among themselves for years. At the end of the Civil War, the Sultan’s youngest son, Muhammad I, defeated his brothers and became the sole heir to the Ottoman Empire in 1413. Sultan Mehmet I had to struggle for many more years to restore the Ottoman Empire to the limits it had under his father, Sultan Bayazid.

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Caroline Finkel writes that in 1416 Shah Rukh wrote a letter to Sultan Mehmet I and protested the killing of his brothers. So the answer of the Ottoman Sultan was, “Two kings cannot live in one country …” Our enemies who surround us are always looking for opportunities. Sultan Muhammad I, with his insight and foresight, overcame the civil war with great skill. And one by one, overcoming all his brothers, he became the sole ruler of this kingdom.

During his eight-year rule, he rebuilt the Ottoman Empire and made every effort to strengthen its pillars. Most of his reign was spent in this work and that is why some historians consider him the second founder of the Ottoman Empire.

What sets Sultan Muhammad I apart from other sultans is his understanding and forbearance. Whoever broke the law and refused to obey the Sultan, the Sultan acted patiently in his case. When the Amer of the Qarman region declared independence and was presented to the Sultan in chains the Sultan forgave him for swearing by the Holy Qur’an.

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Then when he broke his oath again and was ready to revolt and get defeated again he appeared before the Sultan again but the Sultan apologized and forgave him again. The main goal of Sultan Muhammad’s policy was to rebuild the empire and strengthen it internally. That is why when the Sultan was defeated in the battle of Kleitboli,

He returned some of the cities on the Black Sea coast to the Emir of Constantinople. He made an agreement with him and put an end to all tribulations. He led the uprisings in Asia and Europe and forced the subjugation of some of the emirates of Asia which had been instigated by Timur Ling. These emirates began to breathe new life into the Ottoman Empire’s obedience and friendship.