Targun Hatun Interview In English

Targun Hatun Interview In English

I got involved in the project very quickly, first I read a script. I crushed by the character, frankly and the next day frankly I found myself on the set. And I was very surprised because I heard that there was a plateau, I heard that it was a very seated set but I did not expect that much frankly.

First of all they showed me around the plateau and it took really long. This whole world is created here. She’s the kind of character I’ve never played before, so that’s what excited me the most.

First of all, I can say that it is a character that we do not come across very often as a female actress. First of all, she is very strong, warrior, knows what she wants, but on the other hand, what impresses me is that she is really soft-heart, very fond of her family, and is very fond of not just her family, fond of also her people.

If I have to admit, as an actor, I usually prefer to think about and focus on the characters that are different from me because otherwise the audience has the possibility to see me all the time. But I prefer the character I act to appear, so I focused a little more on the aspects of Targun that did not fit me at all, she was a little stronger, I do not mean that I am weak, but I do not think that I have a cool profile. Honestly, this is not what I want to show people, but I think Targun likes to keep a little distance, and she approaches everyone with a little more suspicion, maybe because of what she experienced. So I focused on these aspects. And of course she fights very well, she rides horse very well, that makes me excited.

There is really something on the set that is carried out with such cooperation. Of course, this is the case in all the work in all the sets, but here we have a feeling like a baby sleeps in such a sleep, and everyone watches out to not to wake up her. Sometimes we shoot very difficult scenes, both emotionally and physically, the team really help as much as they can.

This is very important, not only getting into a role, getting out, but also feeling safe here was the most important thing for me… I also found this. I am really surprised when it comes to the script every week. I’m learning something new. Regarding Targun and naturally, things are getting more complicated and difficult for me, and instead of underlining these feelings, I really don’t know if she confessed to Osman at that moment, whether she will tell the truth even if it is a small one, whether she said it from the heart right now, which one? real, I wonder what Targun thinks. I think this mystery is something that keeps this character alive, but we saw something, especially in a scene where we act with Özge again, there is a scene where Bala and Targun interact and understand each other for the first time. That scene really was Özge and we looked into each other’s eyes and cried. I even really said shouldn’t Targun cry so much ? you know, but it was so real that our connection with Özge that I cannot forget how she made me feel like. In fact, we did such a rehearsal among ourselves, we felt something like this even there, we were even scared, we said that we wished we hadn’t rehearsed it, we had done it on record. Actors sometimes can have such interesting problems.