PN News! Hair loss is a problem of every Pakistani nowadays. There are many tips in this regard, but one tip is considered to be the target that we will tell you today. Green cardamom is a common spice used in homes in Asian countries, including Indian, which not only naturally refreshes but also There are also numerous benefits

Here are some of the benefits. Digestive Improvement: Green cardamom naturally improves digestion as well as having a minute status. The use of cardamom is very useful in inflammation of the intestines, while it is also an elixir in case of heartburn and nausea. Cardamom is naturally resistant to acids. In addition to these properties, green cardamom has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to improve digestion. In case of indigestion, grind two to three green cardamom seeds, a small piece of perfume and coriander well and use it with warm water. In case of indigestion, add a few cardamom seeds in green tea and use it. Removes indigestion.

Bad Breath: For those who are frustrated by using all medicines to get rid of bad breath and bad breath, there is good news that green cardamom and antiseptic spice are used. What happens after eating cardamom and drinking hot water? It has a great effect on health. Some people know about it but not many know about it. Many people may have heard it for the first time today. The first benefit of this is that if you drink hot water later, your hair will stop falling out and

In addition, the dryness of the head will also disappear if used at night, there are many other benefits, such as constipation will be eliminated, blood will circulate properly, the headache will be treated. It will also be very good for those who consider God to be weak in masculinity. If you want to stay healthy, you must use this tip
This means that men who say that their semen has become thin, use this tip at night, it will become a semen car and if someone has a stomach problem or if you eat out of a hotel, then later with cardamom. Be sure to drink warm water. This will not only eliminate bad breath but also make the breath pleasant. It is very easy to use by chewing a few grains of green cardamom after a meal or by adding cardamom to morning tea. Acidity: Green cardamom is also very useful for getting rid of acidity