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Who Was Sultan Baybers
the history of the Islamic world. He was the first Muslim sultan to defeat the invincible Mongols for decades at Ain Jalut in in 1260. Sultan Baybers was born in 1223 in Central Asia. His father held a high position in the Khwarizm Empire. When the Mongols invaded the Khwarizm Empire, they enslaved and sold children and women. One of the children captured for slavery was Sultan Baybers, Which was sold in a market in Damascus, from where it reached to the Sultan of Egypt Malik al-Saleh as slave Where he arranged for his education and training and later enlisted him in the Egyptian army, During the Sixth and Seventh Crusades, Sultan Beybers showed the essence of his military prowess and made a name for himself in the Egyptian army.

Historians write that Sultan Beybers was fluent in many languages. He was fluent in Arabic, Mongolian and Greek. Before becoming a sultan, he had traveled extensively as a slave and was therefore he was familiar with their location and language. Historians further write that he did not trust anyone, He disguised himself and spied on enemy territory. Once he entered the kingdom of Hulagu Khan alone and kept his ring in an inn while spying in many areas. When he returned, he sent a message to Hulagu Khan that he had forgotten his ring in an inn while he was spying his area. Ring should be sent back. Hulagu Khan was so impressed with his bravery that he found the ring and sent it back. However Beybers was promoted to the rank of Commander-in-Chief in the Egyptian Forces.

The Mongol tribes and Genghiz Khan.

The condition of the Islamic world in those days was critical The Mongols destroyed many Muslim countries, then Hulagu Khan invaded Baghdad and killed the Abbasid Caliph. Mongols destroying Iraq and Syria then invaded Palestine, Having set foot in Palestine, their eyes are now on Egypt. Hulagu Khan was preparing to invade Egypt, when he was informed that his brother Monke died, so he was called back to his homeland to nominate a new successor. Hulagu Khan returned to his homeland with a portion of his army and handed over command of his army in Palestine to a trusted commander kit-boke. After the departure of Hulagu Khan, the Mongol commander encamped with his army at Ain Jalut. Baybers was informed that Hulagu Khan had returned to his native land. After receiving this information, he made a big decision which was not even in anyone’s imagination at that time, Baybrus went ahead and announced to attack the Mongols. The attack on the superpower of the time was called madness by some people but Baybrus started preparing to attack the Mongols.

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